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What Will The Templateer Do For Me And Why Do I Need It?

Take Your WordPress Designs To The Next Level

A lot of the people that purchased the Artisteer design program bought it to create a WordPress theme without having to know anything about HTML, CSS or PHP.

The Artisteer program does an exceptional job with the design work and allows the user a lot of flexibility in the finished WordPress theme. Once users became familiar with the Artisteer program and WordPress they discovered they wanted more from their designs.

But the Artisteer program can’t be everything to everyone and that’s where The Templateer comes in. It takes your Artisteer inspired WordPress designs to the next level by adding new features and functionality to your exported WordPress theme.

Artisteer, WordPress and The Templateer

The Templateer is an add on for the Artisteer design program. It is a collection of page templates and improvements to existing Artisteer program templates. It doesn’t add or modify any of the Artisteer program itself, but adds new layouts and functionality to the exported WordPress theme.

There is also a comprehensive options panel that is added to the WordPress Dashboard. The options panel allows you to further customize the page templates and other enhancements without ever getting your hands dirty touching any code (well OK you do have to make one small code change to the header.php only if you want to implement WP 3.0 custom header function).

The Templateer is the answer to a number of requests that Artisteer program users have been wishing for.

The Templateer Is For All Artisteer WordPress Designers

The Templateer is for everyone that creates Artisteer themes for WordPress. Just because you’re a designer and know how to modify themes doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from The Templateer. Why manually modify every theme you create because you want a clickable logo image or an ad in the header. The Templateer does that automatically with every WordPress design you export.