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The Ultimate Artisteer Program Add-on

Artisteer is an incredible tool for creating WordPress templates. You don’t need to know anything about HTML and CSS to make beautiful themes. In fact that’s why you bought Artisteer…

But you want more.

  • You want to create a site with a magazine style layout.
  • You want a widget area in the header.
  • You want to have a click-able logo in the header.
  • You want a different sidebar layout on certain pages.
  • You even want a dynamic site map.
  • And you want it all without having to program or edit your files.

Well guess what? The Templateer gives you all that and more.

I faced the same problems that everyone else faced. I was tired of editing every single design after I had exported it, just to get the features that I needed all my themes to have.

I knew there had to be a better way. After literally hundreds of hours of poking around in the Artisteer code and a lot of experimenting, I finally had all of the answers (well, at least most of them).

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Use Artisteer & WordPress? You Need The Templateer

The Templateer solves a number of problems that Artisteer users have been begging for. You get a nice widgetized header with a click-able logo. You can also choose from eight different sidebar configurations.

There are a number of page templates available for creating several different site maps, choose a different sidebar layout for a specific page, plus seven different magazine style layouts (more to come). And all of this is managed with a beautiful and easy to use back end options page.

The Templateer Is Easy To Use

With The Templateer’s new admin menu you have full control over many options for your theme. Most of the time when you design a theme things need to tweaked a little after export. With The Templateer you can modify some of those settings. Like positioning the logo image and widget areas in the header. No need to edit the source files.

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