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Setting Up Magazine Layout #1

This tutorial will show you how to setup the Magazine #1 page template.

Step 1

Click on the Add New link in your Admin panel

And then give your page a title.

Step 2

Select the Magazine 1a template from the Template drop down on your right.

Then hit Publish/Update to enable the template.

Step 3

Now you will see a new meta-box area directly below your visual editor.

Step 4

Start filling out the meta information to suit your needs.

  1. Check to show the page content above the posts.
  2. Check this to show the image slider.
  3. This will allow you to position the image slider above or below the main page content area if you’ve chosen to display it.

  1. You can choose to display the posts using the sidebar style or the post (article) style from your theme. Some styles look better than others so you need to try different styles to get just the appearance that you want.
  2. The adjustment to the H2 size only applies to the post (article) style. Sometime the default H2 size is too large. This allows you to adjust the size to whatever looks good.

  1. Determine how many posts per page you want to show. This overrides the default blog settings. You should choose an even number since it’s displaying in two columns.
  2. Choose the category that you want to display posts from.
  3. This checkbox is rarely needed but occasionally, depending on the theme there may be a white corner showing through. This will make the background transparent so that it no longer shows through.
  4. Choose how many characters to limit the post by. This strips all of the tags so that nothing strange gets displayed in the small post area to mess up the formatting.
  5. Here’s where you can set the size of your thumbnail image. The image function can grab thumbnails in several ways…
    1. Looks for an image by custom field.
    2. If no image is added by custom field, check for a post image.
    3. If no image is found, it grabs an image attached to your post.
    4. If no image is attached, it can extract an image from your post content.
    5. If no image is found at this point, it will default to an image you set.
  6. Allows you to adjust the height of the post content blocks. Depending on how many characters you display you will probably have to adjust the height of the content box.

  1. If you need to adjust the padding around the paragraphs, check the box.
  2. Enter the pixels values for the padding.
  3. If you need to adjust the margin for the thumbnail check this box.
  4. Enter the pixels values to adjust the margin by.

That’s it. You’re all done. You will probably have to play with the values until you get the page to look exactly the way you want. But other than that it’s pretty straight forward.