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Templateer FAQ

Here are some questions that seem to get asked quite often. This page uses the Simple FAQ page template.

Does Templateer work with both versions of Artisteer Home and Standard?

Yes it works with both versions of Artisteer.

Is The Templateer Only For WordPress Users?

At this time The Templateer only adds functionality for WordPress exported themes. We do have plans in the future to support other CMS systems such as Joomla.

Will the Templateer mess up my installation of Artisteer

No. The Templateer has been tested on a number of Artisteer installations and works perfectly. Also backups are made of all the theme files that are modified so you can always go back to a normal theme.

Does it work with the Mac version of Artisteer?

Yes it does. The exported WordPress themes that Artisteer produces are identical for both Mac and Windows.

Can I use a different layout on different pages ie home page without sidebar etc

Yes. You can use the page templates on as many different pages that you want.