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Mac OS Install

How to install The Templateer v3.0.5 on the Mac OS

NOTE: Make sure that you are using the correct version of Templateer for the version of Artisteer that you have installed. These instructions only apply to Templateer files downloaded from the Downloads page of this members only area.

Installation of The Templateer on a Mac is not as easy as on a Win PC. Since I haven’t been able to find a package install for the Mac that will allow you to install files into an existing application, the file will have to be copied manually. It’s not too complicated, you just have to make sure you get things in the correct location within the Artisteer install. When you open the zip archive you will find two folder, Export and Glyphs.

The best way to install The Templateer is to create another installation of Artisteer and give it a unique name so you will know that it has The Templateer installed. Something like Artisteer TT lets you know what version it is and that it has The Templateer installed. Then you can make a shortcut on your desktop for easy access. The easiest way to make a copy of Artisteer is to select the Application and then Control click to open the context menu and then select Duplicate. This will create a new Artisteer install that you can rename.

Next open the Applications folder in the Finder. Then Control click on the Artisteer install that you want to add the Templateer files and select Show Package Contents. Different version of the Mac OS may use a different term for this but the result is the same, you want to be able to navigate through the applications file structure so you can put The Templateer files in the proper location…

Now navigate through all of the folder until you get to the Export folder…

Note: The image above has the Common folder highlighted. The one you are interested in is the Export folder. The Common folder does not exist in Artisteer v3.1.0.48375, so just ignore it.

Now open the zip archive for your version of The Templateer. Select and copy the two folders (Files & Glyphs)…

Templateer Source Finder Window

Finally go back to your Artisteer Finder window and paste the selection into the Export folder…

Artisteer Destination Finder Window

If you have done everything right you should be able to launch your newly modified Artisteer, export a theme and have a bunch of new features.